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Have you been looking for the missing steps in your journey to becoming migraine pain free? Patient Emilee Oldham talks about her struggle with migraine pain and how Kroner Chiropractic provided what no one else could...

~Emilee Oldham~


I live in Yakima, WA. Sunday, March 21, 2004 I turned away from the sink in our home and apparently I became dizzy… Realizing I was about to fall, I tried everything to keep myself right side up as I was alone at the time. Finally I managed to walk to a chair and sat down crying. Family came home and I was hurting to much so they took me to the hospital.

After initial X-ray and check, they called a surgeon who examined me, wrote a prescription for pain and told me to get a walker and to report to his office in a month. I tried to walk with a cane as much as possible (afraid to become dependant on walker) and reported back to him with the cane. He immediately dismissed me because he intended for me to use the walker “exclusively” and I hadn’t followed his directions. Actually I had not understood his directions.

As time went along, I saw my family physician and another surgeon, I got a cortisone shot which provided temporary relief but didn’t solve the problem. As more time passed, I had some physical therapy which occasionally gave very limited help but was listless and practically useless. My only recourse was pain pills. Although I am in my late seventies, I was not willing to settle for mere existence.

I decided to try chiropractic, so I checked in the phone book and found Dr. Bill Kroner, Advanced Spinal Rehab/ Massage Therapy. My first visit on March 4, 2005 was almost a year after my problem began. Dr. Kroner had me to do exercises and go back to see him three times a week and now I feel like I have gotten my life back and I exercise and see him every 2-3 weeks.

Thank you Dr. Bill and thank you our Heavenly Father.
~Ruth Stave~


When I started treatment at Kroner Chiropractic, I felt that I couldn’t lift or turn my head, I was in so much pain, that all I could do was lay in bed. I’ve always suffered from low back pain and numbness in my hands and legs. I have suffered from these problems since 2002 which I believe was caused from a neck injury.

My life was affected by these problems through my work, relationships, household chores, recreational activities in which I felt very agitated, frustrated, loss of focus, moody, no desire to do anything, and I was in just too much pain.

Since I began my treatment and spinal rehabilitation at Kroner Chiropractic, I now feel energized, I have more patience, I’m able to focus better, and I can lift my head and turn it better than before. I don’t feel numbness anymore and I am grateful because I have been able to change my life for the better.

I believe the combination of chiropractic, rehab and massage therapy is what makes it so successful.
~Misael Orozco~